IOSTABC API helps you develop DAPP easily
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Since the launch of the IOST main network, we have seen more and more developers join the IOST eco-building, and we are excited about it. At the same time, we also see that many developers need to spend a lot of effort to organize the data in the IOST chain they need in the process of building applications. To this end, we launched the IOST API service. The IOST API is designed to open up IOST's data capabilities, lower the development threshold, and allow developers to focus more on interesting ideas.
You can use HTTPS to request all transactions on the IOST.
  • Account - tx History, Resource Information, Token Balance, etc.
  • Block - latest block, block details, etc.
  • Contract - security information, call records, interface lists, etc.
  • Transaction - transaction details, etc.